We Buy Distressed and Damaged Houses


In some situations time is money, and selling your house quickly may provide the perfect solution to any financial troubles you are experiencing. Alternatively, a sudden move may also become challenging if you choose to sell your house the old-fashioned way, with escrows, foreclosures, etc.

Fortunately, if you are in a hurry, you can always sell your house to a company like ours. Among the advantages of the latter decision, one should definitely consider agility, immediate cash compensation, and the opportunity to sell a house, regardless of its technical and visual condition.

Yes, that is absolutely right!

You can sell any house, no matter how old or distressed it may be, quickly and without any significant losses. Whereas most consumers are looking for a house they can immediately move into, we exist to take your ‘unfinished property’ off of your hands. Amplify Homes does not care about the visual appeal of you home. The things we are most interested in are the location, transport availability, total space, and the overall potential of your building. Damaged roofs or shaky banisters make no difference to us at all.

However, the disadvantage of looking for a buyer who would like to do all of the repairs / engineering / decorations on his own is that it generally takes an excessive amount of time. Thus, you have two options here – either to try and make your house look nice (which is also time-consuming/costly), or sell your property to us.

We want to buy your house! Tell us where to send the offer!