Options For Every Homeowner

For distressed homeowners, regardless of the situation you are in, if you can no longer afford your mortgage, are moving for a new job, or simply don’t want your home any longer, we are here to help. We buy houses in any condition, and we help homeowners in any situation, who need to get rid of their home quickly, and need instant access to cash for the sale of their home. We have options when you have to sell your house fast Austin, and we can help you today!

What we do –
We buy houses for cash and we buy houses in any condition. If you recently lost your job and can’t afford the mortgage on your home, we can help. If your home is distressed and is worth less than the mortgage, or if you recently went through a divorce and have to move, we will buy your house for cash.

We specialize in purchasing distressed homes. If there are problems with the home, if there are legal liens or problems which have to be resolved, or if the home is extremely dated and needs work done on it, we will purchase the home. We have a team of leading realtors, lawyers, and professional financial experts which allows us to purchase your home for cash, and perform repair work you simply can’t afford. No matter what condition your home is in, how old it is, or what reason you have chosen to sell it, we will purchase the home from you.

Why call us –
We have helped many families in the Austin area who were experiencing similar problems as you are currently facing. From families going through divorces, moving to a new city for work, or kids moving out and parents downgrading, we have seen and heard it all. We care about you, and want to make this a win-win situation for both parties.

When you sell to us, rather than list with a realtor, you will notice a great deal of difference in the manner in which we conduct our business. A realtor views you as a commission check. Many times they will push homeowners who are in a difficult situation to sell their home for less than the value, simply to earn a commission check. We do not work this way. We will make the highest cash value possible, and we pay you cash immediately. Further, unlike realtors, the process with us won’t take weeks, or months, which is the case with many homes. We can close in as little as one week with many homeowners if they agree to the offer we are making.

Give us a call today! –
If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you need to sell your home in Austin quickly and are ready for a cash offer, give us a call today! Not only do we buy any home, regardless of the situation, we will offer you a cash payment, so you don’t have to wait for financing to come through when you need cash quickly, and are a in difficult situation.