Divorce And Relocation



Divorce cause many big changes in life. Often, it can be unexpected and leave you feeling like you don’t have a plan for the future. This may force you to do certain things with your current living situation. And time may be of the essence. Amplify Homes specializes in these types of situations.

Time Is Finally On Your Side

Time matters and both parties are likely to want to move into a new chapter in their lives. Let’s talk today about finding ways for us to work together and get you moving forward with life.

Selling your home due to divorce can be challenging, stressful and emotionally-charged. However, when it comes to one of the most valuable joint assets in a marriage, you need to find a way to move apart quickly and seriously. We can help homeowners sell their Austin house fast while being discreet and sensitive throughout the selling process.

Work Relocation

This almost never happens when you’d want it to. All of a sudden your entire life is up-rooted and you’re expected to move across the country on a very short timeline. We can help you through this process and get you on your way to the new place you’ll call home.


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